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1 Nereus = 0.0001 BUSD / NRS $10,000 BUSD
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Explore Nereus: Your Gateway to Blockchain Innovation and Real-World Utility

Token Utility

Nereus tokens serve as the backbone of our ecosystem, unlocking access to a world of decentralized possibilities.

Token Growth

Watch your Nereus tokens grow organically as our ecosystem thrives, providing long-term value and stability.

Token Security

We prioritize the security of your Nereus tokens, implementing robust measures to safeguard your assets within our ecosystem.

Token Value

Our ecosystem actively contributes to increasing the value of Nereus tokens, ensuring long-term benefits for all participants.

Revolutionizing Access: Nereus Token Distribution, Utility, and Security—Pioneering the Future of Digital Assets

  • Presale/Bonus: 15%
  • Development Team: 7%
  • Research/Development: 7%
  • Marketing: 3%
  • Giveaways: 5%
  • Initial Burn: 10%
  • Partners: 8%
  • Token Supply: 45%
  • Research/Development: .5%
  • Marketing Wallet: .5%
  • Liquidity Pool: 2%
  • Buy-Back-Burn: 3%
  • Nereus Reflections: 4%

Nereus uses a deflationary token contract on the Binance Smart Chain

  • 1Symbol: NRS
  • 2Initial Value : TBD
  • 3Type : BSC

Our Launch Roadmap

Our Launch Roadmap

Nereus Contract Audit and Deployment

This pivotal milestone marks the foundation of our revolutionary ecosystem. We understand the paramount importance of security and reliability in the crypto world, and thus, we've meticulously audited and deployed our Nereus contract. This audit ensures that the core of our ecosystem is robust, secure, and ready to handle the incredible innovations we have in store.

Our Launch Roadmap

Presale Contract Audit and Deployment

Security and trust are the cornerstones of our project. Our presale contract, like the Nereus contract, has undergone rigorous auditing to ensure that your investment is protected and that our presale process is transparent and fair. With this secure gateway, we invite you to participate in an exciting presale opportunity that lays the groundwork for a brighter crypto future.

Our Launch Roadmap

Whitepaper Released

We believe in transparency and clarity. Our comprehensive whitepaper is now available, serving as a blueprint for our groundbreaking crypto journey. It delves into every facet of our project, offering detailed insights into our vision, technology, and the unique value we bring to the crypto world. We encourage you to explore this document, as it is the foundation upon which our journey is built.

Our Launch Roadmap

Telegram and Social Accounts Active

Our vibrant and engaging community is at the heart of Nereus. To foster real-time discussions, share updates, and build a strong network of supporters, our Telegram and social media accounts are active and buzzing with energy. Join us to be part of the exciting conversations and connect with like-minded individuals who share our passion for innovation.

Our Launch Roadmap

Nereus Launch Merchandise Available

Showcasing your support for Nereus has never been easier. We're thrilled to offer exclusive Nereus merchandise that allows you to proudly display your commitment to our project. From stylish apparel to unique accessories, our merchandise is a tangible way to be part of our journey and make a statement in the crypto community.

Our Launch Roadmap

Token Presale Launch

This momentous event is your opportunity to be part of Nereus from its inception. Secure your Nereus tokens early during our presale and become an integral part of our ecosystem. By participating in the presale, you're not just investing; you're actively contributing to the growth and success of our project.

Our Launch Roadmap

Shilling Contest

We're all about community engagement and rewarding our dedicated supporters. Our shilling contest is an exciting way to spread the word about Nereus and, in return, stand a chance to win big rewards. Get ready to showcase your creativity, passion, and knowledge of Nereus as you compete in this engaging contest.

Our Launch Roadmap

Presale Buyers Airdrop

To express our gratitude to our early adopters, we've designed the presale buyers airdrop. This initiative rewards those who believe in Nereus and support our project during the presale phase. By participating, you not only secure your Nereus tokens but also help strengthen our ecosystem for the benefit of all participants.

Meet the Team


Security Specialist and COO

John Einarson

Founder and CEO


Blockchain Developer


Marketing Team Leader


Development Team Leader


Community Support and Moderator

Ask Quick Question

Nereus is a deflationary token built on the Binance Smart Chain. It is designed to reward holders with reflections of BNB while reducing the supply with multiple supply reduction features. The Nereus token ecosystem primary function is to be used with real world utility partners and products.

In the Presale, you can use two primary currencies to purchase Nereus tokens: Binance Coin (BNB) and Binance USD (BUSD). These widely-recognized cryptocurrencies offer flexibility and accessibility for our community members.

Lockup Tokens: If you're eligible for a lockup bonus, your bonus tokens will be released after the lockup period you agreed upon. For example, if you chose a 6-month lockup, your lockup bonus tokens will become available after this 6-month duration.

Bonus Purchase Value Tokens: These bonus tokens are released as soon as the Presale phase is over. When the Presale concludes, you will find your bonus tokens in your wallet, ready to boost your Nereus holdings.

Presale Airdrop Tokens: If you participated in the Presale, our airdrop of tokens will be distributed 30 days after the Presale event has closed. This process ensures fairness and transparency in token distribution.

All Presale contributions serve a critical purpose within the project. Specifically, 100% of the funds raised during the Presale will be allocated to enhance the liquidity pool. This strategic decision is aimed at establishing a strong foundation for Nereus, ensuring that there is sufficient liquidity to support trading and transactions within our ecosystem. By bolstering the liquidity pool, we are actively contributing to a robust and sustainable Nereus ecosystem for our community members.

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